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This plug-in for 4D allow you to programmatically read and write ZIP archives. Both reading and writing uses iterative approach.

From version 0.9.5, Zip4D supports encryption of archives.

From verison 0.9.6, Zip4D can read and write gzip files.

Version 1.0 was released in May 2004. Current version is Zip4D 1.0.7.was released in August 2007.

From January 2007 there is new 1.5 version of Zip4D. This version is Universal binary plugin bundle compatible with 4D v11. It offers exchange of Unicode strings between plug-in and 4D (in file names and zip comments), supports AppleDouble format files to store Macintosh specific information (additional ._FileName files used by Mac OS X) and nativbe handling of long file names and diacritical characters in file names.

Last versions can be downloaded from our Download page.

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