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LuraWave for 4D

LuraWave for 4D is a 4th Dimension plug-in using LuraWave® a new wavelet-based image compression algorithm. Compared to the current standard lossy compression format, JPEG, the LuraWave® delivers substantially higher image quality at the same compression rates while reducing the amount of data required to represent and store an image.

LuraWave® plug-in for 4D has 32 commands in three groups: External area calls, Compression and Decompression calls and Miscalaneous calls. LuraWave® plug-in for 4D can display both compressed images and standard 4D pictures.

Main advantages of LuraWave® compression are:

  • Possibility to chose between lossless and lossy compression scheme.
  • Ability of scaled image reconstruction: The whole image may be reconstructed only by small fractions of the compressed data source. When transferring images over the web, the image preview is immediately available.
  • Valuable time savings: Higher compression rates allow to transmit image in a fraction of the time transmitting the full size image would take.
  • The compressed images can be individually password-protected.

LuraWave for 4D is not sold by INFORCE Bratislava sro. If you want to use LuraWave for 4D plug-in, please contact e-Node or LuraWave® directly.

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